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All updates, info and information on The Virtual event and login instructions will be here.

We've prepared videos for you to help you prepare your presentation and we are building an FAQ list as well. Thank you so much for being a part of the CFX2020 Virtual Experience!


You Present - I Record with GoToMeeting

Choose a time through the link below

Schedule Here

Helpful Recording Tips...

- Choose a quiet well lit area.

- For best sound quality use a microphone or headset. 

- Warm up your voice and do a practice soundcheck before doing entire presentation.

- Imagine an audience of 1.

-Have water nearby.

- If necessary, record in sections. and we will seam all pieces together.

- Presentations can be 20-30 minutes long (30 min Max)

- Record standing up to help voice projection.

- Just be you! 

Any questions please email us at [email protected] or call Karen 250 463 2124


When complete please upload your materials to Dropbox using the button below.

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CFX 2020 The Virtual Experience

$197.00 CAD

As a CFX2020 Presenter your access is free- USE Button Below to Gain Access



April 7th Speaker Meeting